Resolving airway issues starts with avoiding them altogether.

Our FDA-cleared and CE-marked airway management system reduces sedation-related apnea events in the acute care setting.

Clinician Benefits

  • Non-invasive external airway support to maintain airway patency
  • Reduces apneas during mild to moderate sedation procedures
  • Hands-free chin lift decreases medical interventions and disrupting workflow
  • Simple to apply to a patient in seconds
  • Easy application by medical professionals of all experience levels
  • Saves clinicians time

Recent Study Results


Reduction in Obstructive Apneas ≥ 20 Seconds


Fewer Patients with Obstructive Apneas


Fewer Patients Required Supplemental Oxygen

Non-Invasive External Airway Support

aerFreeTM AMS, formerly known as cNEP® airway management system, utilizes our proprietary aer+TM technology, which uses continuous negative external pressure to maintain an open airway in the acute care setting. The system uses a soft collar connected to an external vacuum source – present in the majority of acute care settings.

Based on clinical trial data, the system has been recently FDA-cleared for use as an aid for maintaining the patency of the upper airway in spontaneously breathing adults undergoing medical procedures less than two hours in duration, where the patient is intended to have mild to moderate sedation with non-propofol containing medications.