San Diego, November 11, 2014 /PRWeb/  — Sommetrics, formerly 5i Sciences, announces a new name to emphasize its focus on measuring and managing sleep disorders related to airway obstruction.  The Company also announced the appointment of Jon-Erik Holty, M.D. as a Senior Consultant and member of the Medical Advisory Board.

Sommetrics announced it has changed its name from 5i Sciences. The new name reflects the Company’s focus on the measurement and management of sleep disorders associated with airway obstruction.  “The launch of Sommetrics is more than simply a name change,” commented Sommetrics CEO, Dr. Richard Rose. “It signifies an expanded mission targeting the full spectrum of sleep disturbance associated with obstruction of the upper airway.

Sommetrics is developing products and diagnostic tools for both assessing and managing these sleep problems, which range from obstructive sleep apnea to snoring and sleep patterns that are not restful.  “We have coined the term Obstructive Sleep Effect (OSE) to describe these conditions”, said Avram Miller, Vice Chair of the Sommetrics Board.  Miller further added, “OSE is common, and may occur in more than a third of all adults worldwide.  Our proprietary technology, cNEP™ (Continuous Negative External Pressure), allows us to develop products that provide a comfortable way of keeping the airway open during sleep.”

Sommetrics also announced the appointment of Dr. Jon-Erik Holty as a Senior Consultant and member of the Medical Advisory Board.  Dr. Holty is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliated) in the Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Division at Stanford Medical School, and an Adjunct Associate at the Center for Health Policy (CHP/PCOR) at Stanford. His current research focuses on healthcare utilization and costs associated with sleep disorders. It is expected that Dr. Holty will help guide Sommetrics’ efforts to improve sleep in people whose sleep disturbance is related to partial airway obstruction effect (POSE).

About Sommetrics:
Sommetrics is developing its proprietary Continuous Negative External Pressure (cNEP™) technology for important medical and consumer applications.  The Company is dedicated to offering simple to use, comfortable and well-tolerated products that keep the upper airway open.  For more information, visit

Richard M. Rose, M.D.
President and CEO